Thursday, September 11, 2014

Why Rolex Watches Are The Most Reputable Products??

Why Rolex Watches Are The Most Reputable Consumer Products In The World According To Industry Study...

It does not come with much surprise that Rolex is a company with a high reputation. The 2014 Global RepTrak 100 study by the Reputation Institute places Rolex in an exceedingly high position as tied for second place on their overall list of the 100 most reputable companies, and number one when it comes to a reputable company as measured by consumers. Also, Rolex is the most reputable company that exclusively produces a consumer product. In a world where pundits argue that wrist watches are going the way of the LP, how is this possible and what does this mean?

The Reputation Institute has been measuring the reputation of the world’s biggest companies for the better part of two decades. Their empirical studies are based on consumer survey data from 15 of the largest consumer markets around the world, totaling over 55,000 interviews according to the company. Topping the 2014 list for the position of the most reputable company is a tie between The Walt Disney DIS -0.09% Company and Google GOOG +0.36% that each earned a score of 77.3. Tied for second position is BMW and Rolex each with a store of 77.2. According to the Reputation Institute, what each of these companies have in common is a high degree of trust among consumers and a great ability to deliver meaningful and personally important stories that consumers want to be a part of.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Rolex Submariner Two-Tone Watches - Finally You Will Caught The Fever

Rolex is the most powerful watch brand in the world. That does not mean Rolex watches are the best, or that they are worth the most. Rather that the brand itself has the highest value. It does this through a combination of working with incredibly fancy marketing firms such as M. Booth & Associates, in addition to its in-house people...and by having pretty nice looking watches. The secret Rolex formula has been attempted to be replicated on many occasions, but without success. 

Rolex Explorer 2 Watch Review

Rolex Explorer 2 Watch For 2011   watch releases
For 2011 Rolex offers a new Explorer 2 to follow up last year's new Explorer. While the Explorer was bumped up to 39mm last year, the Explorer 2 is the Rolex sport watch with a modern size of 42mm in width. That is 2mm larger than the Submariner, and it likely wears better than the 43mm wide Submariner Deep Sea. Also new is the return of the orange GMT hand in addition to the Maxi-dial like size of the hands and hour indicators.

Rolex Daytona Watches Collection

Rolex Daytona Watches For 2011   watch releases
In addition to the new Rolex Explorer 2 watch model for 2011, Rolex offers a new range of Daytona watches for men this year at the Baselworld show. 2011 is apparently the 50th anniversary of the Daytona, so we get two types of new models. Rolex is further rumored to released an overhauled Daytona for 2012. Until then we have the more standard looking model that now comes with Rolex's very nice ceramic bezel that they call their "Cerachrom" bezel. The black bezel is a retro-nod to some older Daytona models and is in black ceramic with pink gold numerals applied with an amusing technique call "magnetron cathode sputtering." Yes, more of that please.

Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 116713 LN Watch Reviews

Rolex GMT Master II Ref. 116713 LN Watch Review   wrist time watch reviews
Article and images contributed by Michael Maximilien:
Let's be honest, Rolex watches are one of the society's symbol of success around the world.  If you want people to know you've made it, then get a Rolex. And, this message is universal, it hardly matters where you are on the globe.

About Rolex Sky-Dweller Watch - Old is Gold

Each year at the Baselworld watch and jewelry show the most anticipated news is what behemoth watch brand Rolex will release. This is a quizzical thing because what Rolex announces is often anything but revolutionary. Still the successful and closed watch brand seems to excite their loyalists with the new creations each year - often times small steps in anticipated directions. Rarely does Rolex offer something totally new - especially a new model or complication. Oddly enough - both of these things happened for 2012.

10 Things To Know About How Rolex Makes Watches

Rolex really isn't like any other watch brand. In fact, the privately held, independently run entity isn't like most other companies. I can say this now with a lot more clarity than most people because I was there. Rolex rarely allows anyone into its hallowed halls, but I was invited to visit their four manufacture locations in Switzerland and experience first-hand how Rolex makes their famous watches.